Online Jewish Programming for Kids

by the Center for Small Town Jewish Life

July 13-17, 2020

Although it's not our usual boisterous summer fun, we will be providing some entertaining summer learning for kids over Zoom this July! Register below, and each morning of July 13-17 you'll receive an email with a unique link to that morning's activities. We will offer songs, stories, Hebrew games, and crafts, and every day will have a color, a letter, and a number. The fun will last from 9am to 10am, and the program is free and open to anyone, though of course your support is appreciated. 

We will be doing an at-home craft every day, so you might want to dig out some of these supplies to have on hand, if possible. (An email explaining the day's activities, with unique log-in link, will arrive in your inbox early each morning.) They include: paper, crayons/markers/colored pencils, scotch tape and/or glue, and, if your child is permitted to have them, paints and scissors. 

Questions about this program? Email Mel Weiss at [email protected]

  • I recognize that by registering, my child(ren) can attend any or all days of online learning!

If you click this box, you withdraw permission for use of photos of your child on social media and/or promotional materials. (Please note that we will NEVER include identifying information.) If you do not check this box then you are allowing us to use images.

The Center for Small Town Jewish Life is supporting Jewish life across Maine and beyond. It is our pleasure to enrich and encourage our Maine Jewish communities, and we are proud to make our programs affordable to all -- at all times, and all the more so in our difficult days. That said, our efforts do cost money, including staff time. If you are able to help support us, we appreciate your help! Gifts of any size are immensely appreciated.


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